sayali bhagat on accuses

Title:sayali bhagat on accuses
Discription:I am possibly writing the most uncomfortable blog of my life.It started with some rumours that I alleged Shiney Ahuja of indecent assault for the magazine Glossy that first wrote this. My last and final words were of "I denying this on records".amongst witnesses.However,another story shortly appeared in a publication about the same matter since I did not react to the same hoax story of I being pressurized to withdraw charges (which never existed came up).this news was apparently multiplied on internet and social networking sites.
It was sad to learn ( oct 2011)two days back that I have again accused certain other actors and personalities of indecent assaults.Since now it is important not to just reach out to the media but to the public at large with this blog.I want to reconfirm that I have not accused any actor or personality.
Since I come from a family of generations of lawyers and have been a Miss India I know the value of my words and know them to use judiciously.
About spreading of these rumours we have identified a dubious talent agency who has started these rumours .sent press notes and multiplied by themselves,being involved.Actions against the individuals/companies directly or indirectly (which includes individuals spreading on networking sites ) have become compulsory.
I wanted to ignore the rumours but they have grown out of proportion and have a dignified stance .but it is the modesty of a woman which is being outraged (which is cognizable under section 509 of Indian Penal Code)ince this episode has not only costed me defamation but has mentally harasses me as well.
I want to put an end to all these baseless rumours.I have great respect for this Entertainment industry and all the people in it.
It is my humble respect to Enjoy your festivities and to ignore the false reports.

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