:-: Hidtorycal Doccumentary

Title:Hidtorycal Doccumentary
Discription:D - Day The Lost Evidence
Dawn,June the 6th, 1944, all along the Normandy coast the 1st wave of Allied soldiers are storming the beaches a bloody battle has just began. This was the turning point of WWII,D-day will decide the fate of nations. High above the ciaos and carnage on the beaches fly "The allied air reconnaissance " pilots, their camera captures the actual battle as D-Day unfold beneath them. After the wars end, these photographs were lost or forgotten but they have been found once again. By layering reconnaissances photograph over a digital contour map it is possible to build a 3 dimensional view of the battlefield. These startling images provide us with a unique,hour by hour, record of the greatest invasion of all time. Through these photographs we can trace the story of individual men as they fight their way through through the day of days.

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