:-: Samudrika Pattu, Wedding Collection, Kanchipuram S

Title:Samudrika Pattu, Wedding Collection, Kanchipuram Sarees
Discription:Pothys has established itself as house hold name in the textile industry in Tamil Nadu.
At Pothys you get the benefit of diverse silk varieties, exclusive designs and authentic silk brands.
Yes, Pothys is the first Textile showroom in Tamil Nadu to launch its own unique brand of silk sarees namely Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. Samudrika

Pattu, Sarees Online, silk cotton sarees, silk sarees, south indian sarees, South indian silks. This multiple design samundrika silk saree is a modern take on the

traditional checked patterns.
Unique colour combinations and intricate designs within the checks conceived in this saree will make you stand out in a crowd, giving you the attention you rightly

deserve for Traditional dresses, Traditional wear, wedding sarees, You will want to pick up this authentic samundrika saree the moment you lay eyes on it, because

of its delectable candy pink colour rightly complimented by the rich jall jari floral design that covers the entire saree.

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