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Title:Rex Web Solution Company- Customized web development, custom database
Discription:When executives began outsourcing substantial portions of their operations more than a decade ago, they did it to offload activities they declared to be non-core in order to cut costs and improve strategic focus. Today, however, companies are looking outside for help for more fundamental reasons — to facilitate rapid organizational change, to launch new strategies and to reshape company boundaries. In doing so, they are engaging in transformational outsourcing: partnering with another company to achieve a rapid, substantial and sustainable improvement in enterprise-level performance. This is where <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> (India) comes in and plays the role of an ideal outsourcing partner which is not only a fair value proposition in terms of cost and ! quality, but also provides the much needed sense of―partnership than a mere client-vendor relationship.
Starting with providing time and material contracts, <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> revised its strategy much before the bubble burst and became leader in executing fixed cost projects and excelled in the market when a lot of companies were finding the very survival as the most important task. Our processes are vetted with strict ISO compliance. The team experience gained over the past 7 years coupled with large client base made <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> move to the next league possible. <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> has become the preferred partner in growth for many major clients in last 12 months resulting in expert software professionals being dedicated to serve the multiple needs of these clients with ever-growing demand in foreseeable future. <a href=http://www.rexwebsolu! tion.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> plans to work on this model by adding few more stable long term partners in the US/European markets, where both <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> and the partners happy at <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a>'s acumen in operational management, and delivering quality product at fair price, can mutually benefit by taking advantage of each other's strength, and working over the weaker areas wherever needed. <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> intends to explore such partnerships with like minded companies. Efforts are already on progress with few US and UK based companies to work on an onsite/offsite model where the core functions of engineering related to system architecture and designing can be controlled by the onsite partner while ! the major portion of development and implementation is handed ! over to <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a>. This will facilitate the onsite partner to focus on the marketing aspect of their services while retaining the key functions of software development life cycle, and leaving the rest to the offshore partner and avail not only the cost benefit but also the quality associated with <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a> engineering output. The current professional strength of the company includes professionals in Microsoft Technologies and Open Source platforms. Company is profitable and has been funded by US Angels and Local VC Fund. Most of our clients are located in US, UK, Europe Australia & Singapore. Our Management strong links to academic institutions (across the globe) provides us with latest technology innovations in web software, personalization and multi-media

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<a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank"><a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a>s</a>'s Expertise – Horizontal (Platform)

1. Microsoft

2. Open Source – PHP5, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento

3. Open source frameworks like Cake PHP ,Zend Framework, Code Ignitor etc

4. Rich Internet applications built in Flex, Apollo, Ajax and XHTML


- Real Estate

- Health Care

- Ecommerce

- Community Portals

- Infotainment

- Social Networking Applications

Business Interests across the Globe –

1. Seek potential partners in creating offshore partnerships to
complement our channel sales and direct client acquisition

2. Synergies with likeminded US based companies to create a WIN- WIN
partnerships with India centric company like Exburant

3. Looking for potential business partnerships with companies with
strong marketing presence to complement Exburant strong technical and
proven successful delivery model for both fixed cost and man month

Summary – <a href=http://www.rexwebsolution.com" target="_blank">Rex Web Solutions</a>s has been able to work out an excellent
Operation management by establishing its credentials in the global
market and has been able to overcome the teething problems of having
the right resource for the right job. Our ability to manage complex
challenging projects successfully has ensured that we have been able to
attract right talent in past few Years. Our successful transition from
small to medium sized projects to enterprise level clientele has
ensured company, achieving the highly skilled and professional
expertise with excellent above industry growth. Our belief in adapting
to the changing needs of the market with ? Scaling Customer Expectation
& Employee Growth has served us well to serve our esteemed clientele
across the globe making us the preferred partner (not a vendor) for our
clients in not just mere software development but all associated
functions related to the entire development processes

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