:-: Webwerx, School of Web Design

Title:Webwerx, School of Web Design

The demand for web designers and web developers has tripled around the world and has therefore led to a serious shortage.
Due to a high demand in this area of IT, it has made web design and web development, number one, on the most sought after IT professionals list.

Webwerx - School of web Design - based in Somerset West, Strand and Gordons Bay - aims at providing quality certification courses to meet industry demanding web design requirements.
We provide web design courses and supplementary courses to candidates wishing to enter the web design industry by providing one to one and class based lessons.
On completion of our first web design course, HTML & CSS, our candidates can undertake entry level web design vacancies through one of our preferred recruiters and IT software houses to go on and develop in this growing industry.

Our courses range from one day courses to five day courses.
On completion of each course, a mini project is submitted for review.
On review of your project, you are presented with your certification in web design.

Our courses are now available to students as young as 16 years old to enable our students to enter the industry early.

We now also offer course instruction on site with larger companies and anyone that is not able to leave home to attend lessons.

Please contact us to find out more about these options.
Contact us to discuss your future career in IT.


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