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Title: The Jefferson Tree
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Discription: The Jefferson Tree - A bi-partisan (centrist) blog discussing and debating ideas and solutions for the good of the American People.
Thomas Jefferson was neither Republican nor Democrat because he believed the extreme political platforms of those two parties would have been hopelessly partisan, authoritarian and unworkable. Does this sound vaguely familiar?
Thomas Jefferson deplored partisan divide and sought to combine extreme views into workable solutions. He was a liberal, secular humanist, which would be closer in today's world to the Democratic Party, but as a democratic-republican he would have worked to incorporate great ideas from both left-wing republicans and right-wing democrats.
The Jeffersonian Republican party, better known as the Democratic-Republican Party, is an ancestor of the modern Democratic Party. To date, Jefferson is the only president to serve two full terms in office without vetoing a single bill of Congress.
We welcome all politically impassioned viewers to post, comment, criticize and debate their thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
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